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Here you can find a compilation of Online Resources from external sources. You can go through the library by clicking on the different cattegories or, if you have something specific in mind, use the search box. The DigiCulTS consortium is not the author of this external Resources and cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

4 Ways Build Small Business Credibility and Why You Should

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar retail business, a virtual consultancy, or something in between, all businesses need to display honesty and credibility in order to gain the trust of customers.

Alyssa Gregory
Attention web designers: You have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression!

Three studies were conducted to ascertain how quickly people form an opinion about web page visual appeal.

Gitte Lindgaard, Gary Fernandes, Cathy Dudek, J. Brown
Best Team Pages: Check Out These 11 Examples (& Why They Work)

Your team page is where people go to get a peek behind the curtain; to see who is making the magic happen in your organization, what makes them qualified, and most importantly, what makes them different.

Ramona Sukhraj
Credibility: A Multidisciplinary Framework

This chapter reviews the theoretical and empirical literature on the concept of credibility and its areas of application relevant to information science and technology, encompassing several disciplinary approaches

Rieh, S. Y. & Danielson, D. R.
Digital Identity

This resouce provides an overview of ScienceDirect's publications on the topic of "Digital Identity".

EdTech: Managing digital reputation

After completing this module, you will be able to: - list reasons to create multiple identities for different purposes and contexts - use a systematic approach to maintaining, updating, securing and managing different identities

Education & Training Foundation
Managing Your Digital Identity

Katy Meyers Emery, a PhD Candidate in Anthropology, provides an introduction to important things you should consider in managing your professional identity online.

MSU Graduate School
Online Consumer Trust: Trends in Research

Literature review of studies published in 2004-2014 (Web 2.0 period) in the area of consumer online trust.

Antonina Bauman, Reinhard Bachmann
Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility

How can you boost your web site's credibility? We have compiled 10 guidelines for building the credibility of a web site. These guidelines are based on three years of research that included over 4,500 people.

Stanford University
The Digital Identity: What it is + Why it's valuable

This post provides an overview of digital identity, the problems which can occur with digital identity and the movement toward a unified digital identity. Furthermore, it describes how companies can take advantage in digital identity development.

Keith Metcalfe
The Medium is the Message

Read Marshall McLuhan's work about technology as an extension of humans: How media influences us, how we use it, how it shapes us.

Marshall McLuhan
Use Third-Party Validation To Build Credibility

SMEs can benefit from well-known third parties with a good reputation to gain the trust of users online

Marie Swift
What is Digital Identity?

This post provides an overview of what digital identity makes up and gives an insight in traditional approaches to online identity verification.

Loryll DeNamur
What technology can do for your SME

Technology can not only help an owner better manage their SME but also drive areas of growth and product development. Bruce Billson and Janine Allis of Boost Juice explain in this video.

Future Learn
5 Webinar Technical Issues and How to Fix Them

This article explains the five most common webinar technical issues and how to fix them.

Computer Basics - Basic Troubleshooting Techniques

Troubleshooting (PC)

Dealing with technical problems with digital technology

How to deal with technical problems with digital technology

Education & Training Foundation
Digital problem-solving skills

This module looks at the different types of problems that can arise and the various ways in which learners can resolve them independently

Education & Training Foundation
How to Solve Common Tech Issues that Reduce Productivity

Rather than automatically calling tech support every time something goes wrong with your essential tech, you’ll get more done if you take the collect, organise, do approach to solving your own IT issues.

Carl Pullein (Joe Peters)
How to Solve Technical Issues: A Simple Flowchart

Solving technical issues is generally simpler than most people think. In fact, by following the steps outlined in the upcoming flowchart, you will be able to solve nearly all of the issues.

6 great examples of digital transformation

Our report – produced in association with industry publication Retail Gazette – examines the experiences of over 100 UK retailers and how they navigated a rollercoaster year. Retail executives are calling it 'five years of change in five weeks'.

Mayzin Han
A Step-by-Step Guide To Digital Transformation

Niall McKeown published a comprehensive step-by-step guide to digital transformation.

Niall McKeown
All change: how COVID-19 is transforming consumer behaviour

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing how we work, travel, communicate, shop and more, but which new habits are likely to stick permanently? We explore five key behavioural changes and their implications for risk and protection.

Mahesh H Puttaiah, Aakash Kiran Raverkar, Evangelos Avramakis,
CMC Is Dead, Long Live CMC!: Situating Computer-Mediated Communication Scholarship Beyond the Digital Age

As the term “computer” and the processes and effects of technologies in human communication broaden, there is a need to have an accounting of the computer-mediated communication (CMC) subdiscipline

Caleb T Carr
Digital Culture: The Driving Force of Digital Transformation

This interactive guide, created in collaboration with business executives and academia, by the World Economic Forum, presents actionable frameworks and tools for executives to improve digital leadership and culture in their organizations.

World Economic Forum
Digital Footprints

This course gives an understanding of the different trails that you are leaving on the Internet and how this might affect you.

Internet Society
Digital Revolution

Basic online course about the digital revolution, from history and basic concepts to cloud computing and big data

European Digital Academy
Digital transformation and customer value creation in Made in Italy SMEs: A dynamic capabilities perspective

The study by Matarazzo et al (2020) describes in detail how digital transformation and customer value creation are connected for SMEs.

Matarazzo et al
Digitization, Digitalization, and Digital Transformation: What’s the Difference?

Chapco-Wade (2018) published a blog post about the differences between the buzzwords.

Colleen Chapco-Wade
Do you want to learn more about new technology? is a free online educational website and provides a great introduction to technological trends like AR/VR, drones, self-driving cars, 3D printing, machine learning, facial recognition, and much more!
Enterprise Architectures for the Digital Transformation in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

The transformation towards smart connected factories causes enormous changes in mechanical engineering industry starting from the development of cyber-physical production systems up to their application in production

David Goerzig,Thomas Bauernhansl
From Digitization and Digitalization to Digital Transformation

Video lecture: From Digitization and Digitalization to Digital Transformation Listen to Dr. Savic and learn more about how the three buzzwords are connected.

Dobrica Savić
How Normal Am I?

Experience how "artificial intelligence" judges your face

SHERPA - Horizon 2020 project
Internet Governance

This course provides an overview of Internet governance, touching on key areas such as its history, policy principles, actors and stakeholders, infrastructure, regulatory frameworks, multilingualism, and cybersecurity.

Internet Society
Kress on Writing and Image Cultures

Computer-mediated, online communication provides new possibilities, accelerates information flow velocity and productivity. Professor Kress, a British semiotician, points out: "The world of communication is not standing still."

Günther Kress
Mind the mindset! The interaction of proactive personality, transformational leadership and growth mindset for engagement at work

The purpose of this paper is to analyze whether and how employees’proactive personality is related to work engagement. Drawing on job demands-resources theory, the study proposes that this relationship is moderated by a three-way interaction between proactive personality ×transformational leadership ×growth mindset.

Marjolein C.J. Caniëls , Judith H. Semeijn , Irma H.M. Renders
Move your fitness business from bricks to clicks with this new approach

Melania Armento (2020) describes in a blog post how fitness businesses had to change during Covid-19.

Melania Armento
SME podcast "SMEs adapting to Covid-19 challenges"

The "Aston means business podcasts" provides essential advice to business owners and managers, entrepreneurs, and students. In March 2020, the podcast turned its attention to small- and medium-sized businesses and how they are responding to the challenges brought on by Covid-19.

Aston University
Spatial, Tactile, and Gestural Meanings

Mary Kalantzis and Bill Cope, College of Education, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Mary Kalantzis, Bill Cope
Tacit knowledge

Tacit knowledge or implicit knowledge—as opposed to formal, codified or explicit knowledge—is knowledge that is difficult to express or extract, and thus more difficult to transfer to others by means of writing it down or verbalizing it. This can include personal wisdom, experience, insight, and intuition.

The Difference Between Digitization, Digitalization, and Digital Transformation

This video explains the differences between digitization, digitalization and digital transformation.

Lights OnData
The impact of COVID-19 on SMEs

OECD Video about the impact of COVID-19 on SMEs

OECD - SMEs, Regions and Cities
The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation

Westerman, Bonnet, and McAfee (2014) show how managers use technology to redefine their businesses.

Westerman, Bonnet, and McAfee
Wearable computer

A wearable computer, also known as a wearable or body-borne computer, is a computing device worn on the body. The definition of 'wearable computer' may be narrow or broad, extending to smartphones or even ordinary wristwatches.

What is the difference between digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation?

Digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation are often used interchangeably or incorrectly. The Blog Post describes what the difference between these terms is.

Lights OnData (George Firican)
What is the Internet of Things? WIRED explains

From hairbrushes to scales, consumer and industrial devices are having chips inserted into them to collect and communicate data.

Matt Burgess
What The Internet Looked Like In The 1990s

A "Nightly News" segment from 1993 captures the early stages of how people were using the Internet.

What’s the Difference Between AR, VR, and MR?

Definitions of the different concepts.

Nancy Gupton
Which small businesses are most vulnerable to COVID-19—and when

McKinsey (2020) published an interesting article about the sectors that are most at risk of closing down permanently during Covi-19 in the US.

André Dua, Kweilin Ellingrud, Deepa Mahajan, and Jake Silberg
Who Invented the Internet? And Why?

This video gives an overview into the inventation of the Internet.

Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell
Who Invented the Internet? And Why?

The following explainer video by "in a nutshell" investigates why the internet was invented and who invented it.

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
‘The Stages of Business Disruption’: Our new video on digital transformation

Deloitte Digital has released the video “The Stages of Business Disruption,” which tells a story of business and digital transformation, providing insight as well as a laugh.

Deloitte Digital
Artificial Intelligence for environmental sustainability

Big ideas behind AI and its role in protecting biodiversity.

Cloud Computing Security

You will learn how do you protect the critical data that is increasingly being stored in the cloud? Learn how to build a security strategy that keeps data safe and mitigates risk.

Patrick Appiah-Kubi, Charif El MaMouni
Cyber Security Basics for Small Digital Business Owners

This course is applicable to anyone who wants a solid, basic introduction to what Cybersecurity is, and how it can be applied in the business environment to help you safely secure your cyber business.

Cyber Security Basics: A Hands-on Approach

This computer science course presents an introduction to cyber security showing different aspects of this discipline. You will learn what the main existing cyber security threats are and how to protect yourself against them.

Lorena González Manzano, José María de Fuentes, Pedro Peris-Lopez, Juan E. Tapiador
How to establish good Cyber Hygiene

Learn how to protect your online and system through Cybersecurity and Cyber awareness from Cyber threats

Information security in practice

In this course, you will learn the basics of information security and how to apply information security principles to your home environment or organization, regardless of its size.

IoE Professional Profiles and Training Courses

Four professional qualifications related to the energy sector and the corresponding training courses

Sergio Martin / Dario Assante / Hamid Doost Mohammadian / Ottorino Veneri /
Business Communication

Learn how to effectively communicate and build professional relationships through face-to-face, written, and non-verbal communication in this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provided by EdX.

Rochester Institute of Technology
Connect and Collaborate Anywhere with Digital Tools

Learn how to connect with others through digital tools. In this lesson you'll work with a partner, learn a new digital skill, and then set up a Hangouts call to teach each other what you've learned.

Google Digital Garage
Get started with Drive

Using and collaborating in Google drive

Get started with Gmail

Gmail tools and usage for collaboration

New way of working

This blog post gives an idea on how to improve online presence for customer interaction.

Stuart Dillon-Roberts
The benefit of online collaboration

This blog post provides a range of online tools designed to improve team work and collaboration in the changing work environment.

Stuart Dillon-Roberts
Tourism Business Portal - webinar 13: Useful digital collaboration tools for tourism SMEs

In this webinar, we will be delving into different types of digital collaboration tools, to see how these can be applied in a business context by tourism SMEs.

EU Growth
Tourism Business Portal - webinar 6: Using Facebook to enhance your business

This webinar, focuses on Facebook, as one of the leading social media platforms. It highlights why this platform should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy and suggests how to set up and build traction for more exposure.

EU Growth
Tourism Business Portal - webinar 7: Using Twitter to interact with customers

Social media is a critical aspect of tourism SMEs’ online presence and engagement with their audience. As such, this webinar will explore the different ways of maximising the different features that Twitter, as a leading social media platform, has to offer.

EU Growth
Business Intelligence Fundamentals

Business Intelligence (BI) combines business analytics, data mining, data visualization, and infrastructure, and the best practices to help organizations make more data-driven decisions.

How Do Communication and Technology Researchers Study the Internet?

Digital media "...have the potential to have as great an impact on the social, organizational, political, and relational interactions of our daily lives as other media such as the television and the telephone have had in the past."

Joseph B. Walther, Geri Gay, and Jeffrey T. Hancock
Key Digital Technologies

Which technologies are behind the products and services we use every day? Discover in this video the three key technologies enabling the digital revolution: • Microelectronics: the technology behind the integrated circuits in all digital applications such as sensors, smartphones or GPS radars • Photonics: the technology of light behind cameras, lasers, optical fibre, LED lighting and optical sensors • Software: the programmes that run all our apps, phones, factories, energy networks or transport control.

The best way to map the customer journey: take a walk in their shoes

How do you know what your customers really want? What happens when you think you’re offering your customers the moon (and more) but they still shop with your competitors?

Audra Sorman
The Importance of Going Digital for SMEs

Digital tools can help avoid a complete economic halt for SMEs during the COVID-19 crisis. Having the ability to go digital became a matter of life and death as it was seen all over the world. Many SMEs who demonstrated their ability to change their business model survived, many others could not stay afloat.

Othman Abanmai
The New Technology and Travel Revolution

This articel shows the seven most important tech solutions for the tourism industry

Belen Vidal
Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2021

This video will introduce you to all the top 10 popular and trending technologies in the market in 2021. These are the trending technologies that you need to watch out for in order to make a successful career in the year of 2021.

Tourism Business Portal - webinar 1: An introduction to the digital environment

Webinar 1 provides the background for this series – it presents a short overview of the range of digital technologies impacting European tourism, with specific reference to the opportunities and threats faced by SMEs.

EU Growth
CIVIX Explains: Information Pollution

When anyone can post anything online, the result is a lot of information. To understand the problem of false and misleading information, it helps to define and categorize it.

CIVIX Explains

The creation of digital infrastructures – as well as content – is driven by the vested interests of a broad constellation of social actors. In this regard, it is essential to understand the aims and intentions of those who are behind the technologies.
Evaluating Internet Research Sources

There is an extremely wide variety of material on the Internet, ranging in its accuracy, reliability, and value. It is your job as a searcher, then, to evaluate what you locate, in order to determine whether it suits your needs.

Robert Harris

Because of the hodge-podge of information on the Internet, it is very important to develop evaluation skills to identifying quality Web pages.

Lydia M. Olson Library
Information Disorder

With the development of contemporary social technology, we are witnessing a new phenomenon: information pollution on a global scale.

Council of Europe
Module 3: Data for Strategy

Use data as an effective driver of competitiveness and profitability within a business.

Generation Data
Responding to COVID-19 Information Pollution

This note is intended to provide practical guidance to UNDP Country Offices on how to design effective rapid responses to information pollution and how to situate those in longer-term approaches.

Source Analysis

Evaluate and practice methods of analysis to assess the quality and reliability of a source

Complete GDPR, GDPR Certification, data protection, privacy

The course gives an overview on the general data protection regulation. All of the Essentials of GDPR are covered: definitions, principles fines

Cybersecurity - A beginner's guide

Fundamentals of cybersecurity with real-life examples and exercises aimed at building a simplified cybersecurity action plan for personal or professional use.

European Digital Academy
Cybersecurity for SMEs: Challenges and Recommendations'

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) analysed the ability of SMEs within the EU to cope with the cybersecurity challenges posed by the pandemic and determining good practices to address those challenges. This report provides cybersecurity advice, but also proposals for actions that Member States should consider in order to support SMEs improve their cybersecurity posture.

European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, ENISA
Cybersecurity guide for SMEs - 12 steps to securing your business'

European Union Agency for Cybersecurity: provides SMEs with practical 12 high level steps on how to better secure their systems and their business.

European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, ENISA
Data Privacy, Information Security, and Cybersecurity: What Your Business Needs to Know

Organizations should be well aware of their processes and procedures in place.

Digital footprints

Free online self-paced course (requires inscription) gives you an understanding of the different trails that you are leaving on the Internet and how this might affect you. While it is not possible to have zero digital footprints, the first steps toward reducing your digital footprint and managing your digital identity are simple.

Internet Society

This course is an introduction to encryption. Encryption is a key element in protecting us and our information as we go about our daily lives and as we interact with others online.

Internet Society
GDPR checklist for data controllers

Are you ready for the GDPR? Our GDPR checklist can help you secure your organization, protect your customers’ data, and avoid costly fines for non-compliance.

How to Find if a Website Is Legitimate

This wikiHow teaches you how to evaluate an internet site's credibility before using it.

Jack Lloyd
Network Security

In this course, you will examine the various areas of network security including intrusion detection, evidence collection and defense against cyber attacks. You will analyze attack/defend scenarios and determine the effectiveness of particular defense deployments against attacks.

Jonathan S. Weissman

This course gives you an understanding of how, in today’s digital age, information gathering is fast, easy, and less expensive than ever. This course provides a solid foundation for encouraging the development and application of privacy frameworks that apply an ethical approach to data collection and handling.

Internet Society

Free online self-paced course (requires inscription) that provides a solid foundation for encouraging the development and application of privacy frameworks that apply an ethical approach to data collection and handling. These are frameworks that incorporate, among other things, the concepts of fairness, transparency, participation, accountability, and legitimacy.

Internet Society
Understanding the GDPR

General principles and basic concepts of the GDPR. Key actors under the GDPR and their role. Rights of data subjects. Obligations of data controllers and processors and law compliance measures. Enforcement and compliance mechanisms. Liabilities and sanctions.

University of Groningen
What is an SSL certificate?

SSL certificates are what enable websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS, which is more secure.

Content Creation: How to Create Great Web Content

Creating great content starts with a well-established process. We’ll walk you through the content creation process from start to finish, and demonstrate how creating great content can help your audiences and customers find solutions and answers to their problems.

Content Strategy Course: Learn How to Create a Successful Content Strategy

You will learn a successful content strategy for your business in a way that attracts, engages and delights your audience through each stage of the buyer's journey.

HubSpot Academy
Customer engagement, buyer-seller relationships, and social media

The advent of the internet and in particular the interactive features of Web 2.0 in recent years have led to an explosion of interest in customer engagement. The opportunities presented by social media to help build close relationships with customers seem to have excited practitioners in a wide variety of industries worldwide.

C.M. Sashi
Design patterns

User Interface Design patterns are recurring solutions that solve common design problems. Design patterns are standard reference points for the experienced user interface designer.

How Augmented Reality in Ecommerce Can Deliver a More Enticing Shopping Experience

One of the biggest challenges of online shopping is that it doesn’t lend itself well to a full sensory product experience. In a brick-and-mortar environment, you can try on clothes, touch fabrics, or see for yourself just how big a couch looks in a room.

How To Create a Website in a Weekend!

In this project-centered course, you’ll design, build, and publish a basic website that incorporates text, sound, images, hyperlinks, plug-ins, and social media interactivity.

Dr. Margaret Anne Schedel / Melissa Clarke
Multimodal Communication

Berit Hendriksen and Gunther Kress discuss the notions of 'functional specialisation', 'functional load', 'coherence' and 'layout'.

University of London
QR Codes in E-commerce: 7 ways Amazon is getting it right!

Thinking of how to leverage QR Codes for your eCommerce channel? Find out how eCommerce giant Amazon uses QR Codes to stand out from the competition and uncover innovative ideas from this article.

Chaitra Joshi
Sales Enablement Lesson: Achieving Alignment Around Content Creation

Learn how to get your whole company involved in the content creation process.

HubSpot Academy

This article shows five key points for familiarising yourself with content marketing and understanding its reach.

Diego Fontana
Usability in the Physical World vs. on the Web

In the real world, you can get away with causing customers a small amount of difficulty, but on a website, visitors will leave at the smallest obstacle.

User Experience: How to Design Effective Call to Action

An effective interaction system of a digital product consists of small elements which have their tasks and functions. To make a sufficient system, it’s vital to pay attention to all the details.

Tubik Studio
What digital content marketing strategy should an SME have?

This article provides an overview on digital content marketing strategies to ensure business continuity.

What is Usability?

Usability and how it differs in the physical world compared to the WWW

Mr Burns
Digital disruption in retail

This report is aimed at helping readers in their journey towards integrated retail. The best practices by retailers from around the globe will help inspire, learn and grow.

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP

The agriculture and food sector is facing multiple challenges. There are challenges to consider in the ‘digitalization’ of agriculture and food value chain. New scenario will require radical rethinking by policy makers, international organizations, business leaders and individuals.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
How To Use Google Jamboard Tutorial For Teachers & Students - 2021 Guide

Learn how to use Google Jamboard in this tutorial for teachers and students. This updated 2021 guide is perfect of distance and remote learning, as well as in-person instruction.

Dan Spada
How to Use Padlet for Students: The Basics

Students learn the basics of how to use Padlet, including how to sign up for a free account, as well as how to create a basic post.

New EdTech Classroom Student Tutorials
Module 2 Operating Digital Devices

This webinar gives an overview how to use basic digital devices

XPERT Computer Education and Spoken English Institute
Module-1 -Introduction to Digital Devices(English)

The National Digital Literacy Mission envisages to provide digital literacy and education to 52.5 lakh persons in all States and UTs to enable them to use computers and related IT applications for participating in the democratic processes and enhancing livelihood opportunities

The travel technology you need, powered by Microsoft

TravelOperations provides technological solutions for travel agencies that are uniquely tailored to the specific needs of the travel industry.

Travel Operations
Tourism Business Portal - webinar 1: An introduction to the digital environment

Webinar 1 provides the background for this series – it presents a short overview of the range of digital technologies impacting European tourism, with specific reference to the opportunities and threats faced by SMEs.

EU Growth
Get started with Chrome browser

Accessing, setting up, using, customising Chrome browser

How not-for-profit professionals should be using search data to truly understand the public

Not-for-profit or public sector attendees will learn how to apply advanced marketing research methodologies which will get you to the heart of what people think and do.

Answer the public
How observing online behaviour can help you produce better content

Understanding search behaviour is useful way beyond SEO – but not enough marketers know that. You will learn how search data can help you read people's minds and create higher performing content.

Answer the public
How search listening can help you track and manage your reputation online

Learn how to use Search Listening to reveal the full picture around your online reputation

Answer the public
Information Literacy Tutorial: Searching Strategies

With this guide you will learn how to find, evaluate and manage sources

Illinois Library
Online Research: Tips for Effective Search Strategies

This video gives tips for effective search strategies

Sarah Clark
Search Listening Learn how to read people’s minds and make better business decisions

This webinar gives an insight method that uses search data to help to understand people’s true needs, motivations and behaviours.

Answer the public
How Copyright Works with Social Media

This blog post gives an insight in various social media sites and their copyright policies.

Jean Murray
How to Copyright a Website to Protect It

This blog post gives an insight in how to copyright the content of a website, including blog content and other writing, original artwork, and images.

Jean Murray
International Copyright Update

This blog posts provides an overview on international copyright updates.

Michael Healy
Module 2. Open Licensing and Copyright in Education

This module presents the essentials of copyright, which are fundamental to better understand the concept of free licences and public domain.

OpenMed. OER Course
What Is the 'Fair Use' of Copyrighted Work?

This blog post gives an insight in the "fair use" doctrine and how to use creative works (e.g. as a teacher) while staying within its rules.

Jean Murray