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Erasmus+ Project


Digital Culture for SMEs

Project number: 2019-1-AT01-KA202-051522
Implementation period: 01.12.2019 – 31.05.2022

Objectives of DigiCulTS

The project will output three innovative products that help to:

Understand digital competences

With DigiCulTS you will learn to understand why digital competences are important for your organisation and for your personal development.

Quick-Check your digital competences

Learn more about your digital competences by using the DigiCulTS quick-check. Based on your results you receive guidance for your next learning and development steps.

Learn & raise awareness about digital culture

The self-assessment tool is closely connected with the modularized DigiCulTS Online Course that provides an introduction into digital culture and offers an individual learning pathway. The DigiCulTS Library offers a range of Open Education Resources (OER) to stay updated. Users can search for relevant OER material, developed within the project as well as external resources, for their individual digital learning pathway.

Why DigiCulTS

“DigiCulTS – Digital Culture for SMEs” is an innovative approach to learn about Digital Culture and Digital Competences. The EU-funded project will support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) up to 50 employees to find their place in the digital society.

What are the consequences of digital technologies in our professional life?

SMEs are challenged by the “Digital Revolution” in a very specific way: on the one hand new technologies offer new business opportunities and on the other hand lots of SMEs have a lack to make the most of digital technologies.

Digital technologies shape our everyday life. They change our concepts of the individual, of reality, time, the possibility of representation as well as the archives of memory. They influence our attitude to hierarchies, community, transparency and work life balance.


SELFIE  quick  check  for  companies  and  individuals: Based  on  a  common  framework on  digital  competences,  this online  assessment  tool  aims  at  assessing  knowledge, skills  and  competences  of  individuals  as  well  as  assessing  the  digital  readiness  of companies.  Based  on  the  results  of  the  quick  check,  users  will  receive  personalized recommendations  on  how  to  proceed  on  their  individual  learning  pathways  by participating  at  the DigiCulTS  Open  Online  Course and  using  the  Open  Education Resources of the DigiCulTS Virtual Library.


Online course
The  aim of  the DigiCulTS open online course is to support the SME’s awareness   about social, cultural and political consequences of digital transformation. The course is based on an autonomous and open learning approach and  will  include  the  development  of  OER  (Open Education  Resources), which will  be part of the DigiCulTS Virtual Library.


DigiCulTS Virtual Library
The  virtual  library  includes  OER  material  for  open  and autonomous  learning.  Through  an  internal  search  engine  and  tagging  system,  users will  be  able  to  search  for  learning  materials  supporting  the  development  of  their digital skills and competences.


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